The deities of Altura are known by many names. The names given below are what each god or goddess is most widely known as. Individual cultures in Altura often have additional names for these deities.

Individuals in Altura may worship one of the deities, or they may be followers of one of the trinities.  

Good Deities - Noble Trinity Edit

Alkaid Edit

Also known as Bahamut or Torm, Alkaid is the noble god of good, and father of the good gods.

Mintaka Edit

The noble god of artisans, also known as Berronar Truesilver, Garl Glittergold, or Moradin.

Mothallah Edit

The other names of this goddess are Ilmater or Sheela Peryroyl, and she is the noble goddess of agriculture.

Good Deities - Benevolent Trinity Edit

Lucida Edit

The benevolent sun goddess, also called Amaunator, Pelor, or Sune.

Rastaban Edit

Sometimes referred to as Selune or Tymora, bevolent god of commerce and sea travel.


Other names are Angharradh or Avandra, Sadira is the benevolent goddess of good fortune.

Unaligned Deities - Nature Trinity Edit

Rana Edit

Unaligned goddess of the natural world, mother of the gods. Also worshipped as Chauntea, Melora, or Silvanus.

Gacrux Edit

Known as Kelemvor or the Raven Queen, unaligned god of death.


Unaligned goddess of magic, also called Corellon, Mielikki, or Sehanine.

Unaligned Deities - Civilization Trinity Edit

Haldus Edit

Called by some Erathis, Gond, or Waukeen; unaligned goddess of civilization.


Unaligned god of battle, goes by the names Kord or Tempus.


Other names are Ioun or Oghma; unaligned god of knowledge.

Evil Deities Edit

Zubenakrab Edit

Tyrannical goddess of evil and greed; mother of the evil gods; also called Tiamat.

Angetenar Edit

Diabolical god of destruction, known as Gruumsh.

Azmidiske Edit

Diabolical god of serpents, jungles, and decay.

Gorgonea Edit

Tyrannical goddess of the underdark.

Terrebellum Edit

Diabolical goddess of spiders, also known as Lolth.

Unukalhai Edit

Tyrannical god of conquest.