The Kingdom of Talitha was the first human kingdom on the continent of Ariphora. It was originally created as the Duchy of Talitha in the region of Lower Andalar by the Dwarven High King towards the end of the Ancient Times. The Dwarven High King sought to repopulate his lands, which were the scene of some of the most destructive battles during the Great War of the Pearl.

History Edit

The Kingdom of Talitha became independent in T.Y. 1, flourished during the first centuries of the Talithan Era, and then entered a period of decline until the Kingdom was overrun and destroyed by orc armies in T.Y. 865.

Rulers Edit

House Talith Edit

  • Duke Orenn - Invited by the Dwarven High King to establish a new Duchy after the Great War of the Pearl concluded.
  • King Kevyn (ruled T.Y. 1-28, died T.Y. 28)
  • King Kalturen (born T.Y. 3, ruled T.Y. 28-79, died T.Y. 79)
  • Queen Oswen (born T.Y. 31, ruled T.Y. 79-98, died T.Y. 98)
  • King Olluren (born T.Y. 48, ruled T.Y. 98-120, died T.Y. 120)
  • King Korenn (born T.Y. 74, ruled T.Y. 120-124, died T.Y. 124) - Assassinated by factions loyal to his younger brother who became regent (Korenn's son was 15 at the time of his father's death) and who arranged for the son's suspicious death and subsequently usurped the throne.

Geography Edit

The Kingdom of Talitha was located principally in the region of the the Lower Andalar Valley, which is on the southwest coast of Ariphora.