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Altura Wiki is an encyclopedia and gazeteer that describes the world of Altura, including its geography, history, races, cultures, and religion. Altura was originally inspired by the 4th Edition of the Dungeons and Dragons game and is a world of high fantasy.


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The Primordial EpochEdit

The creation of the world is encompassed in this period, when the gods walked in Altura. The primordial epoch closed with the Edict of Rana, which prohibited the gods from interfering directly in Altura.

The Draconic Age Edit

The first civilizations of the old races arose during this age, and the great dragons ruled much of the world.

The Ancient Times Edit

After the great dragons were exiled, the old races flourished and achieved their greatest accomplishments. The Great War of the Pearl shattered many of the achievements and civilizations of this period, after which the ancient times shortly ended.   

The Talithan Era Edit

Men came to Ariphora and found the civilizations of the old races in decline. The young races occupy center stage during this era. The beginning of the Talithan Era, reckoned as Talithan Year (T.Y.) 1 was when the kingdom ruled by Kevyn Talith successfully revolted and became independent; the first independent human-ruled realm in Ariphora.  


Altura has four main continents, surrounded by extensive archipelagoes and oceans. The two main continents are the northern continent of Ariphora and the southern continent of Toliman. Between these two continents lies the Sebelian Archipelago. Little is known of the other two continents which lie to the east and the west, respectively.


The world of Altura was created by Roy Smith, and his is ultimately the last word on topics pertaining to Altura.